Sunday, June 9, 2013

Spotsadots/Orbyt, Diva Challenge Fail

I got so distracted this week that I totally forgot to do my Diva Challenge submission. Inspiration struck--I wanted to create a ZIA, a bit larger than the tiles are, and color it with my Inktense pencils.

Bigger = longer worktime. Given that I started it Saturday afternoon, it became obvious a couple of hours in that I wouldn't make the evening deadline for the Challenge. I set it aside. I don't want to rush this. Plus, I started in without having any idea how "waterproof" the Microns are, or how the inktense would work over top of it, yadda yadda. (I tend to dive in headlong then backpedal when I hit turbulence.)

So it's on hold, but here is what I have so far:

Tangles used so far: Birds On a Wire, Florz, Flux, Fescu, Flukes.

Today, I decided that experimenting with my media might be a good idea. On a scrap of Strathmore Wet Media paper, I made marks with all of my different Sakuras (Brushes in colors, greys, and Microns in Sepia/Black) along with the new water-soluble graphite pencil I got recently (never used one before). Then I washed Inktense over it.

Good news. Those suckers are water-tight. Not even a consideration of bleeding.

Then, I laid out a few different colors of Inktense, washed it with water, blended, dried with a hair dryer on low, washed a bit more, dried, then tangled randomly over top of it.

Then, as will happen, I started getting too "into it", and before you know it, I had a full-on tangle going. It's interesting to note that Micron on dry raw Wet Media paper is kind of rough and scratchy, but Micron over an Inktense wash is smooth as silk.

I tried shading with pencil--doesn't quite have the depth necessary over the ink wash, and the paper is too toothy for a nice application of pencil. Even going up to a 7B didn't help.

I pulled out my brand-new Pastel Pencils (another thing I've never used) with the idea of touching up Hollibaugh with white--and I loved the effect. The pastels also glide smoothly over the ink-washed sections as well as the raw parts.

Using the color theory I learned in my oil painting classes from Dennis Wojtkiewicz, a man who is an absolute genius when it comes to photorealistic renditions of things, I applied a little of the color opposite to the washes to give it pop, then laid over more white to lighten it up. (Sidenote: for the greens, a pink is the opposite--tint of red; and for blues, peach/flesh--tint of orange.) I also found the darker pastels used in shadow areas help it pop.

So here's the result of my experiment, which produced what I believe to be a new tangle pattern (below). (Note to self: try working not so close to the edge of the paper!)

Tangles used: Hollibaugh, Tipple, Amaze, Flux, Fescu,
Finery, a really bad attempt at Paradox, and what I hope
is my own tangle, Orbyt (Spotsadots).

Now for the pattern. I originally called it Spotsadots and submitted it as that, but I think I prefer to call it Orbyt. Too many "S" names already, and it reminds me of planets. (Thoughts?) I sent word to Linda at Tangle Patterns.

I've looked in as many references as I can find, and though it bears some resemblance to both Bubbles and Sooflowers, I think it's different enough to be its own tangle. (If you've seen this before, please let me know. It's important to me to be authentic and original.) So I submitted it to for review. Cross your fingers.

Orbyt Steps
Orbyt (Spotsadots), by me.

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