Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Diva Challenge #121 WIP

Is this term used outside of the knitter/weaver/fiber world? WIP means Work In Progress. (UFO means UnFinished Object.) 

Well, this is my ZIA WIP. I'm posting it in its half-finished state to try to make it into the slideshow. (It's cool... I don't mind if it's not done. I still like what I have so far.) It kind of looks like an alien fruit pod.

The tangling was done first. But it's not done. I wanted to see if the color guided the rest of the tangles. So I added color, with my Derwent Inktense pencils. Given that I only have a small set of 12, my color options were limited and when water is applied they brighten considerably (which I love).

But my background is lost. (It's there. Very faint.) Ah, technique. I never was much for watercolors, preferring oils (they smell SOOOO much better). 

Anyway, here it is. I'll post updates as I go. And now I must get started on #122 before the storm hits and I have to change my name to Dorothy. (Cue Flying Monkeys.)

Be safe, y'all.

Tangles used so far: Birds on a Wire, Flux, Flukes, Florz, and Fescu.

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