Monday, June 17, 2013

Diva Challenge #122 Grid (Un)locked

Golly, it feels like I haven't tangled (or wrangled) in days! We had some wicked storms come through, and for some reason all of last week was just hard on me sleep-wise so I didn't really do much art.

Well, I colored the Birds On A Wire alien pear thing, and I painted an abstract (not posted) with my watercolor pencils that I intended for a tangle background, but that's about it. Plus the b-o-s-s returned from his three-week overseas trip, meaning no more daytangling. (Phooey.) Plus, there is a full-time jay-oh-bee in another department that needed my resume. (Benefits? More $$? Hold me back!!!)

But tonight, I tangled. Whoo-hoo!

Here's my belated submission for Diva Challenge #122. I really love how this progressed. Maybe taking a few days off of tangling was good for me.

Grid seeds used: J3, I4, H4, A1, C3, B3, and a couple of A1's that
I kind of messed up, so they became something new.

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