Saturday, June 1, 2013

Diva Challenge #120: Bales of Bales

The bales I usually wrangle with are of hay, when I help out with feeding the horses at the boarding barn. This week, I've been wrangling Bales, the tangle pattern, for the Diva's 120th Challenge. (Is that only 120 this year, or 120 altogether? Must find out).

The premise is to create a monotangle using only variations on the Bales pattern. (Mono = one.) It's simple, but there it is. Bales within Bales.

Two Bales tangleations, dwelling within one iteration
of an aura-eated Bales.
And that's that. It's been a long, lonely week at work, what with only two professors teaching classes, and everyone else on vacation, and the boss (department chair) overseas for another week or so, plus it's summer session. So I try to stay occupied, handling what comes in, tangling or reading on the Kindle I borrowed from the university library.

I've finished two of the three Hunger Games Trilogy already and am 1/3rd through the final book. Yep. It's been THAT quiet. Thank goodness the thing came pre-loaded with 100 titles, of both classic and contemporary fiction/non-fiction with a whole bunch of "things I've been meaning to read".

All right. Posted, blogged, back to "Mockingjay".


  1. Great contrast in your tile; quite beautiful.

  2. Great tile - the shading really makes it pop. In answer to your question - 120 since it started back on Dec 20, 2010. Glad you joined in.